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Computer Science Postgraduate Teaching Assistant nominated for UCL Education Award

11 May 2022

Congratulations to Dan Ristea, Computer Science Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, who has been shortlisted for a UCL Education Award.

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The UCL Education Awards recognise staff for making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

Dan Ristea, UCL Computer Science PGTA
Dan was nominated for the award for his work on two modules, Privacy Enhancing Technologies and Introduction to Cryptography

On receiving the news, Dan said:

“The two nominations were for moving programming assessments to an interactive online platform with immediate feedback, which fit well with hybrid teaching, and for upholding academic standards in assessments, respectively.

I was also commended for being available and responsive to student queries.

This was my first year teaching, and I was keen to make a difference. I am very glad to know that my contribution was impactful and recognised by being nominated for this award."

Dan's supervisor Professor Steven Murdoch said:

"Postgraduate Teaching Assistants play an essential role in providing a high-quality teaching experience at UCL and it's great that Dan has been given the well-deserved recognition for his contribution".

Starting as a software engineer with a BSc (Hons) Computer Science, Dan developed a keen interest in privacy enhancing technologies.

"Working in industry, I saw the practical challenges of implementing the policies and regulations that govern personal data. I also saw privacy come to the forefront of public discourse. I undertook an MSc in Information Security at UCL Computer Science to delve deeper into the topic".

Aside from his teaching responsibilities, Dan’s current focus is on validating privacy guarantees as advised by Dr Steven Murdoch and Dr Enrico Mariconti.

The award winners will be announced at an in-person ceremony on Wednesday 8 June.