UCL Computer Science


Student satisfaction at UCL Computer Science increases for third consecutive year

27 July 2022

The 2022 National Student Survey (NSS) shows that the department is now up to 7th place amongst other Russell Group universities for overall satisfaction in computer science.

Student in a hat is smiling talking to her friend in a UCL cafe

73% of final year undergraduate students at UCL Computer Science are satisfied with the overall quality of their education, a 7% increase on the previous year.  

The most significant improvements were made in the Assessment and Feedback category, which saw a 13% increase compared to 2021. There were also notable rises in the Organisation and Management category, with satisfaction climbing by 9%.  

The average score across all 27 questions of the survey puts UCL Computer Science in 5th place against other Russell Group universities, and 1st place in London. 

While these results are a positive step forward, the department recognises there is still work to be done.  

Departmental Tutor (Director of Studies), Professor Lewis Griffin, said:  

"Our improved numbers are a nice reward for so many people's effort, but they also bring focus onto what remains to be improved - in particular we need to give better continuous personalised academic support to students throughout their degrees. 

As with the recent improvements, listening to our students and their excellent student reps will be key to developing the right measures for this. 

What I'm really excited about is getting much more back to campus next year, giving staff the chance to teach more in person, which they love.” 

Student satisfaction at UCL more broadly has also gone up, with nearly 80% agreeing they are overall satisfied with their education. 

UCL is now ranked in the top quartile in the Russell Group for the first time for Learning Resources, Learning Opportunities and Student Voice, and in the second quartile for every other category.  

The NSS is managed on behalf of the Office for Students (OfS) by Ipsos MORI, an independent survey research agency. Nearly half a million final year students across the UK are invited to take part every year to give their honest feedback about their university education.