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UCL Computer Science second-time winners of Minerva Informatics Equality Award

4 November 2020

UCL Computer Science received 2020 Minerva Informatics Equality Award in recognition of outstanding support for the transition of female PhD and Postdoctoral Researchers into Faculty positions.

montage four image: 1. Minerva award, 2. CS Athena Swan Logo, 3. graph of female researchers, 4. CS Athena Swan staff

UCL Computer Science is pleased to announce we are the recipients of the 2020 Minerva Informatics Equality Award. This is the second time the department has received the award, first time being in 2016.

The Minerva award is organised by Informatics Europe and recognises initiatives and policies that help with careers of females in informatics. It is sponsored by Google and includes a 5000 Euros prize.

Dr Ivana Drobnjak accepted the award on behalf of UCL CS and presented the scope and impact of their initiatives at a special ceremony held online, during the 2020 European Computer Science Summit. A recording of the ceremony is available (Minerva Informatics presentation starts at 17 mins).

Biggest congratulations go to the CS Athena Swan team led by Dr Ifat Yasin and Dr Ivana Drobnjak for their sustained, motivated work and impact. An outstanding example of impact was increasing the proportion of female faculty from 11% in 2010 to 21% now, 8% higher than the Russell group average. This is a great achievement for the department, and it made a big impression at the European Computer Science Summit.

Big thanks to colleagues who have been involved in the CS Athena Swan comittee (pictured, bottom right) and have contributed towards our work. 

More information available here: https://www.informatics-europe.org/news/563-department-of-computer-science,-university-college-london-wins-2020-minerva-informatics-equality-award.html