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UCL Industry Exchange Network Project Released as Official Wallet of The IOTA Foundation

18 July 2019

A project that began under the UCL Industry Exchange Network (IXN) for a student’s MSC Computer Science course has been released as the official wallet for the IOTA cryptocurrency

Image of smart phone and laptop publicising Trinity Wallet

The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit foundation focused on distributed ledger technology, announced the release of Trinity, a mobile and desktop application that enables secure management of IOTA tokens. The project was started by Charlie Varley as part of the Industry Exchange Network (IXN) during his UCL MSc Computer Science degree. The IXN program gives UCL Computer Science students the opportunity to work with industry clients on real-world projects towards their degree classification.

Trinity has been audited twice by leading cybersecurity firms and has already been used to transact over £1.4 billion worth of IOTA tokens. It has also been accepted into the Eclipse Foundation, a non-profit organisation for open source software innovation and collaboration. The application enables users to send, receive and manage IOTA tokens in a secure and user-friendly way. 

Charlie Varley, UCL alumni and IOTA Foundation Software Engineer said

“I am immensely proud to be able to say that a project that was started during my time at UCL has been released to production with over 160k users worldwide. It really demonstrates the quality of the teaching in the UCL CS department and the opportunities for students in research and industry.”

Dr. Navin Ramanchadran, a UCLH consultant radiologist and member of the IOTA Foundation, supervised the IXN project. He said

“Trinity is a culmination of the CS department’s high academic standards and the value of pairing students with industry during their studies. This has been a brilliant project to be a part of and it is great to see an IXN project getting to this level.”

Dr. Dean Mohamedally, co-creator of the UCL IXN said:

“This project’s success is testament to the effectiveness of the IXN in preparing students for their career. Not only do students learn invaluable practical skills working together with our industry partners, but they also have a real chance for their projects to be taken up and be hired by those partners”.

IOTA is a cryptocurrency built on a novel distributed ledger technology known as the Tangle, and therefore differs to blockchain-based cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The network serves as a feeless, secure and decentralised data and value transfer protocol.

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