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UCL Festival of Engineering: Responsible AI

17 July 2024, 3:00 pm–7:00 pm

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As part of the UCL Festival of Engineering, UCL Computer Science will be hosting talks and panels at an event about Responsible AI.

This event is free.

Event Information

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Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh – UCL Computer Science


First Floor Function Space
High Holborn
United Kingdom

What does Responsible AI mean to you and how can we achieve it?

Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of tools such as ChatGPT and LAMA have highly influenced our modern day lives. We ask them factual questions such as directions, timetables, and prices. We ask their advice and opinion about important matters such as relationships, who to vote for, and what is best to do in a situation.

More and more the codes generated by these tools are run on our computers and used to analyse our data; the corrections they suggest on our writings are chosen above our own ways of writing. With such ample influences, it is only fair to question their legitimacy, fairness, correctness, and trustworthiness and to reach out for responsible variants.

In order to raise awareness, share difficulties, and improve the EDI of our digitised data-driven community, we ask our experts what a responsible AI means to them and can it be achieved. Register for our free event now. This is a hybrid event, in person at 90 High Holborn or via livestream. Everyone is welcome to attend (aged 18 years and above) however, the talks will be aimed at people who have some knowledge and understanding of the topic. 

Tentative Schedule

  • Keynote speech: Professor Anthony Finkelstein 
  • Academic talks
  • Networking break
  • Lightning talks (~3 mins each)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Reception & dinner


  • Professor Bob Coecke
  • Mr. Edwin Colyer
  • Professor Ivana Drobnjak
  • Professor Lewis Griffin
  • Professor Wayne Holmes
  • Professor Julia Manning
  • Professor Mirco Musolesi

Panel Conveners: UCL CS' Responsible AI Working Group members including:

  • Dr Matt Grech Solars
  • Professor Steve Hailes
  • Dr Maria Perez Ortiz
  • Professor Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh