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Odin Vision Case Study

UCL IXN and Odin Vision: using leading cutting-edge machine learning to help detect cancer

UCL spinout Odin Vision uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve traditional colonoscopy methods. UCL master’s students have helped the company explore new areas of machine learning.

Clinicians and AI experts from UCL founded Odin Vision in 2019. NHS hospitals are now trialling the company's software that can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Through the UCL Industry Exchange Network (UCL IXN), Odin Vision take on Machine Learning MSc students for three months during their dissertation projects. The students receive mentoring and the chance to work on pioneering, life-saving technology; Odin Vision gain extra skilled headcount and an introduction to potential future hires.

Four students joined Odin Vision in 2020. The company helped them shape the questions they wanted to address in their dissertations and treated them as part of the team. The UCL spinout wanted to investigate cutting-edge machine learning techniques. They had set up the data and had the domain knowledge, so the students could get on with exploring the machine learning topic. The projects were ground-breaking: one was presented at NeurIPS, the world's biggest machine learning conference.

In addition to their technical ability, the students needed to be the right match for the company in terms of complementary skill sets and cultural fit. They were problems solvers; they knew how to diagnose issues and find solutions. Extremely keen, they were always pushing to research new concepts. They went above and beyond in their work.

One of the students, Sanjith Hebbar, went on to do an internship with Odin Vision. The company is now sponsoring Sanjith's visa so he can return as a full-time employee.

Working with Odin Vision has been a fantastic experience. The regular interactions and discussions with the team during my master's programme added great value to my thesis and helped me gain a distinction. I am elated to be taking on a permanent role at Odin Vision, a company that values every employee while providing an excellent platform to learn and work on the next generation of AI-enabled applications for endoscopy. 

Sanjith Hebbar, Intern at Odin Vision

The UCL IXN programme enabled us to collaborate with a diverse group of UCL students to experiment with new machine learning techniques. We were incredibly impressed by the students' knowledge, drive and the results they produced in such a short time. We wanted the students to feel part of our team, to freely express ideas and see the impact they could have through their research.

Peter  Mountney,  CEO at Odin Vision 

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