UCL Computer Science


Computer Science space

The main purpose of this page is to provide information on how effectively and efficiently departmental space is managed to support the activities of the Department.



UCL Computer Science members are allocated space across seven main UCL buildings, namely:

Malet Place Engineering Building
  • Ground: Room G01 (Cave)
  • 1st floor: Rooms 105, 121 
  • 4th - 6th floors and a part of 7th floor
66-72 Gower Street

Basement and 1st – 5th floors

90 High Holborn

1st floor: 33 desks for 40 members

Darwin Building - bioinformatics staff

6th floor: 2 offices and 6 desks

Roberts Building

2nd floor: Room 205a

Front engineering building (part of the cmic group)

3rd floor

Charles Bell House

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