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Computational Biology research at UCL is carried out by more than 20 internationally recognised research groups, spanning a wide range of sub-disciplines, such as: protein structure prediction, modelling and classification; genomic and transcriptomic data analysis; statistical genetics; computational neuroscience; medical imaging; bionanotechnology; and systems biology. More ยป


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News & Events

RA Fisher Centre for Computational Biology Meeting

Date & Time: Friday 8th November (reading week), 12.30-4pm.
LRI, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Rooms 703 and Auditorium G37.

Schedule & registration:

The goal of this meeting is to bring together UCL and LRI research groups active in Computational Biology research. This first event will take place at LRI, but in the future we will alternate between UCL and LRI/Crick, meeting once a term.

All welcome, but please register as soon as possible to help us plan catering needs.

New Guidance on Bioinformatics Funding Published

A new statement published on 15 February outlines the remits of the three main research councils in bioinformatics to help researchers identify the right council when submitting proposals. This will make processing more efficient and will help us ensure that the best and most strategically relevant research is funded.

Support for bioinformatics is of strategic importance to BBSRC, EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) and MRC (Medical Research Council), and the three Councils are committed to funding research projects and database infrastructures of the highest international quality.

Read the statement here>> (PDF 40KB)

Community Web Site Launch

Details of the event held to launch this web site, including slides of the presentation given by Professor Janet Thornton, Director of the European Bioinformatics Institute and reception photographs, can be viewed here>>

IRIS Membership List

View and search the profiles of members affiliated to the Computational Biology Research Group in IRIS>>

Community Launch Symposium

As part of its vision to promote world-class interdisciplinary research to tackle Grand Challenges such as Global Health, UCL has created a number of research centres and institutes, which have been brought together to form the UCL Computational Biology community. This community was formerly launched with a Symposium held on 15th February 2011. More>>

Research Highlights

Gene Ontology

The UCL-based Gene Ontology team focuses on the annotation of human genes and we are keen to represent the expert knowledge available at UCL in the GO Consortium dataset. The team will prioritise the annotation of any genes or papers submitted to them. Furthermore, they are keen to hear from any scientist interested in ensuring the full annotation of their favorite gene. More>>

Any queries, or submission of papers or genes to annotate, should be directed to Ruth Lovering or Varsha Khodiyar at

Physics & Astronomy

Computational Chemical Physics

Two recent publications from the Blumberger Group are available to view here>>

Computational Science

Highlights in Biological and Biomedical Research from the Centre for Computational Science, can be viewed here>>

Research Poster Repository

Posters by researchers illustrating aspects of their research are available to view here>>