The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL


Trial Manager - Jade Dyer

jade dyer
Starting working in research 2012 as a research practitioner within the NHS in Cancer trials. In 2013 whilst still working in the NHS I became a Research Assistant in sports sciences at Kent. Joined the CCTU as a data manager in June 2014 part-time, becoming a full-time Data manager in October 2014. Starting acting up as a trial manager late October 2014 as and when needed within the unit. Was officially promoted to Trial Manager July 2015 on the EVERREST Project. 

Whilst at CCTU I have worked on: ASPRE, EVERREST ATIMP & Prospective Study, INFANT, FACT, METRIC, SPREE & RISAPS. Which covers women health, gastrointestinal diseases, Ophthalmology, haematology & Stroke. 

I have presented at the Fetal Growth Conference and BFMS for EVERREST, one of which was the presentation of a piece of research I help to design and analysis.  
  • Davison, G., Dyer, J.R., Marcora, S.M., Mauger, A.R. (2014). The efficacy of a Mediterranean type diet on symptoms of osteoarthritis – a pilot study. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 73(OCE3), 2014.
  • Dyer, J.R, Davidson, G, Marcora, S.M & Mauger, A.R. (2016) The Effect of a Mediterranean type diet on inflammatory and cartilage degradation biomarkers in patients with osteoarthritis (The journal of nutrition, health & aging)
  • ASSESSING WOMEN’S EXPERIENCES OF TAKING PART IN RESEARCH DURING PREGNANCY: Dyer J, Skene S, Crovetto F, Figueras F, Gratacos E, David AL, Spencer R (BFMS Poster presentation Apr 2018)