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Rivaroxaban versus warfarin for stroke patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, with or without SLE (RISAPS): a randomised, controlled, open-label, phase II/III, non-inferiority trial.

1 October 2020

The RISAPS trial is multi-centre, randomised, open-label trial being done to see if high-intensity rivaroxaban is as effective as high-intensity warfarin which is currently a standard treatment for antiphospholipid patients, with or without lupus, who have had a previous stroke, ‘mini stroke’ or other ischemic brain damage.

The Chief Investigator for the RISAPS trial is Professor Hannah Cohen, UCLH Consultant Haematologist.

This trial is organised by the CCTU at UCL.

The trial coordination, data collection and analysis and administration will be provided by the CCTU at UCL.

If you have any questions about this trial you can contact the RISAPS trial manager for further information at email: risaps@ucl.ac.uk.

Trial status: Open to recruitment (as of 9 July 2021)
Funder: Versus Arthritis

First patient recruited on: 15 July 2021
Total patients recruited: 25 (as of 28 July 2022)