The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL


Clinical Project Manager - Kate Maclagan

Kate graduated from UCL with a PhD in biochemistry in 2009 and went on to spend three years at Barts Health NHS Trust as a Trainee Clinical Scientist.  Following this, she moved into clinical research, taking on the role of Research Coordinator of GIFTS, an EU FP7-funded programme investigating the role of foetal programming in diabetes in South Asians.

Remaining within the field of women's health research, Kate joined the Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL in 2013 as the Trial Manager for ASPRE, an international, randomised controlled trial, investigating the use of aspirin in preeclampsia prevention.

In April 2015, Kate was promoted to Clinical Project Manager. Her role entails early-stage trial development, project management of a range of clinical trials over a variety of therapeutic areas and she is also taking the lead on investigational medicinal product within the unit.

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