The Comprehensive Clinical Trials Unit at UCL



We are building our group and advertise vacancies on the ICTM Vacancies page, jobs at UCL website and jobs.ac.uk.

We work together in multi-disciplinary trial teams to deliver high quality trials efficiently and safely. Here is a description of the roles within trial teams at the CCTU at UCL:

Clinical Project Managers work with investigators on the logistics of trial design and delivery. They support trial managers in a number of research areas and provide expert operational support across all trials in training, methodology, quality assurance and other specialist functions.

Trial Managers are responsible with the Chief Investigator for the day to day management of one or more clinical trials. They have an important responsibility to ensure that trials are run in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Please download this e-flyer from the UK Trial Manager’s Network to explore careers in Clinical Trials.

Data Managers oversee the collection of trial data and ensure it is accurate. They run checks on the data as part of central monitoring and are responsible for resolving data queries with clinicians and nurses in trial sites. They also work with the trial manager on documents for the trial including protocols and case report forms.

Trial Statisticians work with investigators to develop trial ideas and are responsible for statistical aspects of trial design, data collection, analysis and reporting results. During a trial they will monitor the quality of the data and provide reports to independent data monitoring committees who review the safety and conduct of a trial.

IT Analysts/Developers (Programmers) support the development, validation and maintenance of information systems to support CCTU trials including those for randomisation, collection of clinical trial data and trial management.