2010/11 Intake

Thomas Bartlett

  • Bartlett, T. E., Olhede, S. C., & Zaikin, A. (2014). A DNA Methylation Network Interaction Measure, and Detection of Network Oncomarkers. PLOS ONE9(1), e84573. (link)
  • Bartlett, T. E., Zaikin, A., Olhede, S. C., West, J., Teschendorff, A. E., & Widschwendter, M. (2013). Corruption of the intra-gene DNA methylation architecture is a hallmark of cancer. PloS one8(7), e68285. (link)

Siân Culley

  • R. Marsh, S. Culley, and A. Bain. Low power super resolution fluorescence microscopy by lifetime modification and image reconstruction. Opt. Express 22, 12327-12338 (2014). 

Ryan Dee

  • Farhatnia, Y., Hon Pang, J., Darbyshire, A., Dee, R., Tan, A., Seifalian, A. M. (2015). Next Generation Covered Stents made from Nanocompposite Materials:A Complete Assessment of Uniformity, Integrity and Biochanical Properties. Nanomedicine, Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine (link)

Michael Epstein

  • Plagnol V, Curtis J, Epstein M, Mok KY, Stebbings E, Grigoriadou S, Wood NW, Hambleton S, Burns SO,Thrasher AJ, Kumararatne D, Doffinger R, Nejentsev S. (2012). A robust model for read count data in exome sequencing experiments and implications for copy number variant calling. Bioinformatics 28(21): 2747-54.



Manos Protonotarios

  • Protonotarios ED, Baum B, Johnston A, Hunter GL, Griffin LD. (2014). An absolute interval scale of order for point patterns. J R Soc Interface 11(99): 2014034.(link)


Thomas Roberts

  • Roberts T, Griffin H, McOwan P W, Johnston A. (2011). Judging political affiliation from faces of UK MPs. Perception 40(8) 949 - 952.

Rob Stanley

  • Chalabi, Z., Ferguson, E., Stanley, R., & Briend, A. (2014). A probabilistic model to evaluate population dietary recommendations. British Journal of Nutrition, 1-8. (link)

Bartlomiej (Bartek) Tomickzek

  • Laussmann MA, Passante E, Hellwig CT, Tomiczek B, Flanagan L, Prehn JH, Huber HJ, Rehm M. (2012) Proteasome inhibition can impair caspase-8 activation upon submaximal stimulation of apoptotic tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis inducing ligand (TRAIL) signaling. J Biol Chem. 287(18). (link)
  • Jeffares DC, Tomiczek B, Sojo V, dos Reis M. (2014). A Beginners Guide to Estimating the Non-synonymous to Synonymous Rate Ratio of all Protein-Coding Genes in a Genome. Parasite Genomics Protocols, 65-90. (link)