Statistical Inference for Nonlinear Dynamical System Models

Professor Mark .A. Girolami F.I.E.T, EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow, Chair of Statistics, Department of Statistical Science, University College London

Tuesday 22nd February, Location: Location: AV Hill Lecture Theatre
Time: 17:00

Studying the characteristics of natural dynamic processes is facilitated by analysis and simulation of nonlinear mathematical models. Increasingly within Systems Biology, the importance of formally representing  uncertainty in the plausible values of the model free parameters and indeed of model structures themselves, is being acknowledged as a vital requirement in supporting evidence based reasoning. This talk will present some of the main challenges associated with statistical inference within models of cellular nonlinear dynamic systems and will use recent collaborative work on inference over models of circadian control and inter-cellular signalling to illustrate the potential of statistical methods in mathematical modelling of natural systems.

Mark Girolami is Chair of Statistics in the Department of Statistical Science at UCL. He is also Director of the Centre for Computational Statistics and Machine Learning (CSML), and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Computer Science. Prior to joining UCL Mark was Professor of Computing and Inferential Science at the University of Glasgow.

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