Mapping and Measuring Proteomes

Prof. Ruedi Aebersold, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology ETH Zurich and Faculty of Science, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Monday 12 July, Location: MRC-LMCB, time: 17:15

The human genome project has taught us that a complete map -in the case of the genome project the complete genomic sequence – along with computational tools to navigate the map - represent invaluable resources for experimental and theoretical biologists. A main consequence of such a complete map is that all the biological processes have to be explainable with the components that constitute the map. Proteomics has not reached the stage that complete maps are available for any species, yet the need for complete, quantitatively accurate and reproducible data sets is becoming increasingly important for systems biology.

In this presentation we will discuss experimental and computational challenges related to the generation of complete, reproducible and quantitative proteomic data sets of cell and tissue samples. We will also discuss the use of selected reaction monitoring for the detection and quantification of pre determined sets of proteins in biological samples by selected reaction monitoring.

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