Artificial Intelligence in Bioscience Symposium Sep 2017

27 November 2017

The  Special Interest group on Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine  held its latest quarterly meeting on 14 Sep and hosted various talks on initiatives combining the use of AI in the Life Science sectors.


CoMPLEX contributed introducing Dr Caswell Barry, Principal Research Associate at UCL Cell & Development Biology department and one of our most regular collaborators. His presentation What can AI contribute to Neuroscience? kept the audience enthralled until the end. You can watch the video for this and other presentations  here.  



The talks were followed by networking drinks and nibbles. It was amazing to see the AI and bioscience communities come together and discuss how working collaboratively we can use technology to solve some of the greatest challenges in medicine.


Partners, @UCL@benevolent_ai@turinginst@TheCrick and @wellcometrust  are mostly part of the knowledge quarter of London, a dynamic area that concentrates numerous science and technologies companies. For more info on this event  or joining this special interest group   click here.