Challenging Lock-in through Urban Energy Systems (CLUES)


Challenging Lock-in through Urban Energy System (CLUES)

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Note: This project has now ended. Please find below some useful links to its outputs. If you would like further information please click on the 'Outputs' tab on your left hand side.

About the CLUES Project

The CLUES Project critically assessed the development of decentralised energy systems in urban areas in the light of national decarbonisation and urban sustainability goals. Based upon national and international reviews, it examined the range and types of urban energy systems that have been and might have been installed.

It further considered the issues raised by the need for such initiatives to integrate with energy systems at urban level in the UK, regional and national scales in order to deliver energy and carbon reductions to 2050 effectively.

Project start date: 1 October 2010

Project end date: 1 October 2012


  • Professor Yvonne Rydin (UCL) – Principal Investigator
  • Professor Patrick Devine-Wright (University of Exeter) – Co-Investigator
  • Dr Chris Goodier (Loughborough University) – Co-Investigator
  • Professor Simon Guy (University of Manchester) – Co-Investigator
  • Professor Lester Hunt (University of Surrey) – Co-Investigator
  • Professor Jim Watson (University of Sussex) – Co-Investigator




CLUES is funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), as part of the Sustainable Urban Environment (SUE) Programme (Project number: EP/10021 70/1).

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