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Charles Hulme
+44 (0) 20 7679 4285

Research: I am interested in the development of reading, language and other cognitive skills in children, with a particular emphasis on disorders of development.  I have published widely on different developmental disorders including Dyslexia, Speech and Language Impairments, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and genetic disorders including Down syndrome and Williams syndrome.  I have extensive experience of conducting Randomised Controlled Trials evaluating treatments for reading and language difficulties in children.

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Dr Kelly Burgoyne

Research: I worked previously as a Research Fellow with Down Syndrome Education International. My research interests focus on reading and language development in typically-developing children and children with intellectual disability, and on developing and evaluating interventions to support the development of these skills. 

Francina Clayton

Research: My research focuses on the typical and atypical development of reading skills in children; with a particular focus on the role of letter sound knowledge in learning to read. My interest in this field began when, as an undergraduate, I was awarded a Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship to work on a research project in the Centre for Reading and Language at the University of York. This project involved using event-related potential (ERP) methodology to test the hypothesis that dyslexia is the result of a deficit in cross-modal mapping between letters and speech-sounds. Before joining UCL in 2012 to begin my PhD, I completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of York where my final year project investigated impaired time perception as a candidate endophenotype for comorbidity between disorders of reading and attention.

Claire Sears

Research: I am working with Professor Charles Hulme and Francina Clayton to investigate the role of letter-speech sound integration in reading development and dyslexia.  The project aims to understand the processes involved in letter perception and how these relate to the development of reading skills during the first year of school (Reception).  Prior to joining UCL (September 2015) I worked with Professor Courtenay Norbury & Dr Debbie Gooch as a researcher on the Surrey Communication and Language in Education Study (SCALES).  SCALES is a Wellcome funded longitudinal population study investigating language development at school entry and its impact on, and relation to, social and cognitive development.

Rachel Gardner

Research: I am currently researching the role of preschool parental involvement on educational attainment, with Kelly Burgoyne and Charles Hulme. The project takes the form of an RCT and is concerned with developing and evaluating two parent delivered intervention programmes, one focussing on early oral language and the other movement and self-care skills, with the aim to facilitate later achievement in school. Prior to beginning work on this project, I completed a BSc in Psychology (University of Birmingham) followed by an MSc in Language Science, specialising in Sign Language Studies at UCL. I have a particular interest in creating language and literacy programmes to enable parents to support their children’s preschool development, specifically those at risk from delay.

Lulin Zhou

Research: I am a PhD student working with Professor Charles Hulme. My research project is investigating the role of different Cognitive skills as longitudinal predictors of learning to read Chinese characters.

Hannah Dyson

Research: I previously studied Speech and Language Therapy at City University and have a strong interest in child language development. My PhD project explores how children learn the meanings of words; I am currently working on an intervention study which examines the effects of vocabulary training on word-knowledge, lexical breadth and reading ability.

Gillian West

Research: I am a PhD student working under the supervision of Professor Charles Hulme.  My research project is exploring procedural memory system impairments in children with learning disorders.

Imogen Long

Research: My PhD project will focus on predictors of mathematical abilities in typically devloping young children. I previously studied Psychology (BSc) and Neuroscience, Language and Communication (MSc) with particular interests in the development of cognitive skills in children. Although much of my previous research has focused on language and reading disorder, I am looking forward to concentrating more on arithmetic abilities - an area which has grown considerably in recent years.

Angela Pozzuto

Executive Officer to Prof Charles Hulme/Research Finance Officer