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Clinical Trials Project Management

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Course Facilitator: Adrian Parrot, PharmaSchool


Everyone manages projects of some description and at the same time are also managed by others while working on a project. These projects can range from an entire clinical trial through to a component, or sub-project, of a trial, e.g. the identification and set-up of investigational sites in a specific country. In order to effectively manage the project it is essential to understand how to plan, track, manage and change a project to ensure the ultimate delivery of a quality product. By the end of the course the participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the components of projects 
  • Use planning methods to determine a project plan 
  • Identify the critical path 
  • Track the project, update the project and forecast future tasks 
  • Implement risk, opportunity and change management 
  • Understand quality and set quality targets for projects 

Who is the course suitable for?

The course has previously been delivered for groups including:

  • CRAs, CTAs and Project Managers
  • Clinical Trials Supplies Staff
  • Medical Advisers
  • Data Managers



  • Components of project and subprojects
  • Milestones, tasks, deliverables 
  • PERT & Gantt 
  • Critical Path Analysis 

Risk, Opportunity and Change 

  • Identifying risk 
  • Risk Log 
  • Change management 
  • Change management log 

Project Tracking 

  • What to track 
  • How to track 
  • Variance analysis 
  • Dealing with variance

Project Structure 

  • Critical Success Factors 
  • Setting objectives 
  • Responsibility matrix 
  • Managing a Team
  • Communication

Ensuring Quality 

  • What is quality 
  • QA, TQM, QC 
  • Quality Objectives & Metrics 
  • Project consistency 

Motivation and Leadership 

  • Motivation theories 
  • Leadership styles 
  • Managing a cross functional team 
  • Team styles 


This course is free for staff from Units within ICTM (CRUK-CTC, CCTU, MRC CTU at UCL and PRIMENT) although places are limited. Places on this course are limited, If demand exceeds the number of places, places will be awarded to those who the course presenters believe will benefit most from the course.Fees are based on the attendee's organisation as follows:

  • £80 for attendees from other UCL departments;
  • £180 for attendees from other not-for-profit organisations; and
  • £250 for attendees from for-profit organisations.

The ICTM CPD Administrator will advise successful applicants of the location and fee payment process.

If you have any queries about this course, please contact the ICTM CPD Administrator on ictm.education@ucl.ac.uk