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Modular/Flexible mode

What is the difference between the modular/flexible and part-time study modes?

  • Students on modular/flexible mode can take time out without requiring an Interruption of Studies and this suits people in full-time or busy part-time employment, or with other personal commitments. However they are not eligible for new government masters student loans, so we offer PT or FT routes alongside.
  • All students are taught in the same class, i.e. there aren't different groups according to their study mode.

How are my fees worked out?

  • Modular flexible students pay fees each year on a pro-rata basis. This is worked out based on the number of credits taken for the first time in that academic year. The overall fee for the MSc is subject to an inflationary increment each year so you will pay slightly more per credit (effectively per module). For example, the MSc is worth 180 credits in total. Each of the modules is worth 15 or 30 credits and the dissertation is worth 60 credits.  
  • This means that for each year the fee payable is: (Full fee/180) x number of credits taken that year.  Each year your fees will be worked out based on your module selections made in October. If you are a sponsored student your sponsor is expected to pay within 28 days of invoice. If you are paying your own fees you can arrange to pay in two instalments – one due within 28 days of the fee notice and the other in February.

What should I consider before becoming a modular/flexible student?

We believe that modular/flexible and part-time students bring a wealth of valuable experience and perspectives to the programme. Whilst there are benefits of having a longer time-frame in which to acquire the knowledge and skills to complete the degree, applicants need to be realistic about the challenges of flexible study – these commonly include:

  • Integrating with multiple cohorts of students
  • Balancing study with work and home life
  • Financing the course

Modular/ flexible students are not permitted to interrupt their studies. However, should circumstances arise that mean you are unable to study for a period of time you can remain a registered student of UCL without taking any modules in that year/term provided that you do not exceed the maximum registration period for your programme (5 years MSc/PGDip, 2 years PGCert). 

Any further queries on study modes?

Please contact the course administrator at ictm.msc@ucl.ac.uk.

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