UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology


Research Log

UCL has introduced a mandatory online system for recording doctoral student research progress. Please would you all register on the Research Log website here:
It has a help file here (but see below for how we want you to use it):
IMPORTANT - the log has different modes depending on what kind of course you are on - for the DClinPsy it is essential that you set the log mode to be "DPro" during the registration process. Set the "Research Start Date" to be around the middle of August in your first year. If you don't yet know your supervisor, put John King as primary, and Will Mandy as secondary (you'll change it later). Some of our supervisors are not yet registered on the system so if necessary add them as "Tertiary" - we can fix that later. The log will remind you to complete entries at 3m, 6m and then 6 monthly thereafter. It allows you to upload documents, and we are going to use the documents we already produce to complete the log:
Start - Initial Skills and Objectives - Upload your Statement of Intent (do this now)
3m review - Upload your Research Proposal
6m, 12m and 18m reviews - Complete a Progress Review with your supervisor and upload the document
For all these, also add a brief statement that you have met with your supervisor and agreed the documents which you've uploaded.
As well as recording the research process, the log is designed to help you track learning from any courses you attend. The Doctoral School has a huge range of courses you can attend, and while we know your timetable is very busy, we encourage you to engage with these opportunities where you can:

That's it! Please ensure you do this - the Department is expected to have all research students enrolled.