UCL Doctorate In Clinical Psychology



Clinical Psychologists should be able to develop formulations of presenting problems or situations which integrate information from assessments within a coherent framework that draws upon psychological theory and evidence and which incorporates interpersonal, societal, cultural and biological factors

Clinical Psychologists should demonstrate:

An ability to apply relevant academic knowledge in order to understand problems
An ability to use a range of psychological models to select and interpret relevant evidence
An ability  to distil the implications of "data" that they have gathered
An ability to Translate complex constructs into simple questions or observations for further testing
An ability to derive preliminary working formulations
An ability to revise and adapt formulations as further information emerges, and when necessary re-formulate the problem

Applying formulations

An ability to plan appropriate interventions that take the client's perspective into account
An ability to select an appropriate therapeutic approach or method of intervention.
An ability to help clients make sense of their experiences
An ability to provide a rationale for procedures and interventions
An ability to communicate an understanding of clients and plans for psychological intervention when working in multi-professional contexts

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