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New publication: A growth mindset - LGA First Magazine

3 July 2024

The two-page article describes how a UCL & Local Government Association programme led a council & academic partnership to repurpose derelict land into food growing community spaces.

A snapshot of community gardening

The Net Zero Innovation Programme (NZIP) brings together local authorities, universities and other stakeholders to address climate challenges at the local level, and find routes to achieve councils' net zero ambitions.

The programme, which was set up and delivered by the UCL Climate Action Unit, UCL Public Policy and the Local Government Association, has supported roughly 40 partnership projects across England to deliver locally-appropriate climate action initiatives.

One particular partnership used their time in the programme to launch an ambitious food-growing project – one that is repurposing derelict land behind the train station in the town of Staines.

This article, written by the CAU's Project Manager, explains what climate challenge the Spelthorne-based team faced, how they tackled it, their results, and the top-tips learned that other council & academic partnerships can benefit from.

A snapshot of the LGA First article called A Growth Mindset

You can also read it online at the LGA First website, here

Find out more about the Net Zero Innovation Programme

The Net Zero Innovation Programme is a capacity-building programme focusing on the creation of effective, long-lasting partnerships between universities and local councils. It adopts a learning-by-doing approach by supporting mixed university/council teams to establish new modes of collaboration while delivering place-based projects to address climate and sustainability challenges.

The programme was founded by a partnership between the Local Government Association, UCL Public Policy and the UCL Climate Action Unit. Each of these organisations kindly contributed logistical, financial and/or convening support to enable the university/council projects to take place.