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A look ahead: Climate Action Unit projects in 2023

14 March 2023

We introduce some of the exciting projects on the Climate Action Unit's horizon this year

A preview of CAU projects in 2023

Climate Risk  

2023 will see the pilot of our newest collaboration launched into action. The initiative is called Cohort 2040. Over the last 6 months, the Climate Action Unit (CAU) and colleagues at IPPR have interviewed a range of leadership, risk and complex-systems experts. Having analysed the insights gathered, the CAU will be co-designing a leadership programme aimed at equipping the next generation of leaders with the tools they need to face unprecedented future challenges.  

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For more details about this project, visit the Cohort2040 website and read our blog about the project.

Climate Stories

The CAU’s work developing new climate change metrics began in 2021. Now, in 2023, we are excited to be preparing for the public launch of these metrics in summer.  

The three new metrics have been created to provide an engaging tool for individuals in the media, scientists, and policymakers to better communicate the current state of the climate. For the CAU, this project has been a valuable opportunity to develop a novel, collaborative design process - one which brings together data and climate scientists, journalists, graphical designers and communications professionals.

Over the next few months, we will be tweaking and perfecting the narrative, graphics and presentation of the metrics with our partners at Data4Change.

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To find out more about the Climate Metric project check out our page or follow us on Twitter for up-and-coming project events.

Climate Action 

As our name suggests, the CAU is committed to tackling the common barriers preventing individuals, organisations and sectors from taking effective climate action. For each group or project, the CAU provides unique insights to enable those who ask "What can I do about climate change?" the tools they need to answer that question.  

In collaboration with our friends at Fast Familiar, and funded by NESTA, we developed The Strategy Room: an interactive scenario to allow local authorities to engage their citizens in conversation about the systemic changes that need to happen to transition to net zero. 

We are also continuing work with financial sector organisations. One of the most ambitious projects we are involved in is the Wye and Usk Transition Lab in Wales. In partnership with North Star Transition, the CAU will facilitate a series of workshops in 2023 to bridge the gap between the provision of green finance by institutional investors and the need for such finance in making agriculture regenerative.  

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To find out more about North Star Transition check out their website, and to get project updates or participate in one of our events follow us on Twitter