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Risk communication workshop highlights scientists' role ahead of COP26

14 October 2021

On 1st October, the UCL Climate Action Unit co-led an interactive workshop on risk communication ahead of the COP26 conference in Glasgow

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The event, supported by Cambridge Zero and the COP26 Universities network, explored how scientists can engage with and have impact on policymakers.

The Climate Action Unit delivered sessions on the psychology involved in communicating about the risks of climate change, on methods to establish what decisionmakers want and need from climate risk research, and on science journalism hacks to make communications more impactful.

Addressing the audience of 100+ researchers, Freya Roberts (Project Manager) commented that:

When you’re communicating about climate risk, it’s not just about the words you choose. It’s also about how people’s brains engage with the information those words convey.

The interactive workshop was one of several outputs Freya will be coordinating as part of a Climate Risk Communications Fellowship. Her blog highlighting how scientists can help policymakers 'get' climate risk has been published by Cambridge Zero.

Freya will also produce a podcast with Planet Pod, co-author a paper in the journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, and contribute to a panel event at COP26 on 5th November. 

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Watch the workshops on YouTube, here:

YouTube Widget Placeholderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_g5qUychdQ&list=PL7nSrziT9MzWH-5D7vKF9p...