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Featuring the CAU: A crisis in climate cognition, explained

26 August 2021

An article on why the words we use to talk about climate risk matter, featuring the Director of the Climate Action Unit - Dr Kris De Meyer

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Dr Kris De Meyer talks social learning, climate despair and neuroplasticity in an article published on greennews.ie on 24th August 2021.

Excerpts below, to read it in full, click here.

Our brains are optimised to understand stories of other people doing stuff. They’re not optimised to understand stories of abstract things happening at a planetary scale.
If you are spending all of your time thinking about the problem and the despair it generates, you’re not forming the agency. You’re not rearranging the connections in your brain to see new places where you can bring your unique contribution, your unique action, into play.


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