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Climate Ambassadors - the London Hub

This is the website for the London Hub of the Climate Ambassador Programme in England

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What is the Climate Ambassadors programme?

In co-operation with partners across London, the UCL Climate Action Unit is supporting and empowering education settings to address climate change. 

We know that while many education settings are keen to make climate action happen, they often lack the time and resources to do so. In response to this, we are coordinating (in London) a programme to recruit, train and support volunteers in the local community. These volunteers will in turn help education staff to implement climate action plans in school settings. These volunteers are known as Climate Ambassadors.

What is happening at the London Hub?

The London Hub will deliver a termly programme which takes education settings through a step-by-step process to build a climate action plan in six weeks. We will also provide training and support sessions for a sustainability lead or a passionate member of staff in a school setting to implement actions which deliver that climate action plan.

Our first cohort of education settings will be kicking-off the programme in September 2024 and will have developed climate action plans by December of this year. 

How to get involved:

If you are interested in signing-up to programme as an Ambassador, Education setting or if you are a London based council or organisation who would like to partner feel free to reach out for information via email. Write to us at climateambassadors_london@ucl.ac.uk

For ambassadors, education settings and other london based organisations or groups who have already joined or would like to join the programme, the pages below contain resources, events and information specific to your needs.

    We will be running local events in partnership with councils in London throughout the duration of this programme. Please check this part of the website periodically for updates.
    The next event is:
    --> 25th September 2024 - 10:00-16:00 - Driving Climate Action in Schools Partner training day (in person) - sign-up here 

    A national initiative

    London is one of nine regional hubs across England all delivering work as part of the nationwide Climate Ambassadors programme. The overarching, national programme is led by a team from the University of Reading.

    The Climate Ambassadors programme is funded by the Department for Education as part of its Sustainability and Climate Change strategy. The strategy states that "by 2025 all education settings in England are expected to have a designated sustainability lead and a climate action plan."

    Regional hubs will work with each other, and also with a range of projects and organisations outside of the university sector.

    A map of the regional hubs in the Climate Ambassadors programme

    This includes Sustainability Support for Education, National Education Nature Park and Let's Go Zero.

    To find out more about the national team and the other regional hubs, please visit the main Climate Ambassadors website: