Current Affairs and Culture (Social, Historical and Political)

Prerequisite for entry

Successful completion of Business and Current Affairs at the UCL CLIE, have completed some post-A level training or spent some time in the country actively using the language.

Aims and objectives

The course comprises knowledge and understanding both of the structure of the language and of the cultural (social, historical and political) contexts in which it is currently used.

It enables participants to use their language skills in an academic environment. The course covers recent history, current affairs and the latest issues in society as well as other related topics. Students will give presentations and are involved in roundtable discussions and debates on a variety of current issues.

Cultural awareness will be further developed and raised within a European/global context.

The course will enhance knowledge and use of linguistically complex structures (a variety of styles and registers from a range of authentic material). Various transferable skills will also be further developed.

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