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A wide range of ancient Indo-European and Near Eastern languages is taught and studied at UCL. There are also regular courses in Indo-European historical linguistics (an asterisk indicates that a course includes an introduction to historical linguistics).

These can be incorporated into all degree programmes, and can also be taken individually by external students.

Greek and Latin

  1. Ancient Greek at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level: courses at all levels run every year
  2. Latin at Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level: courses all levels run every year
  3. The Greek dialects: full year (2 term) course*
  4. Mycenaean Greek: full year (2 term) course*  ➝ Running 2024-25
  5. History of the Latin language (Indo-European to the Renaissance)*  ➝ Running 2024-25


  1. Hittite (Introductory and Intermediate) 
  2. Akkadian (Introductory and Intermediate) 
  3. Sumerian
  4. Ugaritic

Hebrew and Aramaic

  1. Ancient Egyptian
  2. Biblical Hebrew : courses run every year
  3. Biblical Aramaic : courses run every year
  4. SyriacRunning 2023-24

Other ancient languages

  1. Ancient EgyptianRunning 2023-24
  2. SanskritRunning 2023-24