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MA Courses 2014-15

The London Intercollegiate MA at UCL

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Please note:

  • These courses are provisional and subject to change (all efforts will be made to avoid this)
  • All London MA courses (UCL, KCL, RHUL) are open to all London MA students.

We aim to list all courses in the Intercollegiate MA below. Feel free to send additions, corrections and further details (times, places) to the webmaster

Courses below are available to UCL students (and all Intercollegiate students at KCL and RHUL): note that courses taken by UCL students at KCL or RHUL are subject to the academic regulations and procedures of those Colleges. If you take a course at a different College, that mark will be reported to UCL and will be incorporated into your degree; but the rules under which the mark is arrived at are those of the College which provides the course. 

Courses in the UCL MA in the Reception of the Classical World are also listed below: all of these courses are open to Intercollegiate MA students.

UCL students outside of the Department of Greek and Latin may take any UCL courses listed as a 30 credit option (15 for half units).

+ A cross before a course number indicates that it is a language-testing course
* An asterisk before a course number indicates that it is a dedicated MA course (not MA/BA)

All courses at all Colleges are listed below.

NB  Teaching starts on 22 September 2014 at KCL (a week earlier than at UCL).

KCL timetable 2014-15

Intercollegiate timetable 2014-15

To find a teaching room at UCL

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  • Details of UCL courses will be available on Moodle
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Useful Documents

  • Non-UCL students: download an Intercollegiate Registration form here
  • Download a course-work cover sheet here
  • Download a dissertation cover sheet here

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MA in the Reception of the Classical World

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