Department of Greek & Latin

AW Degree Structure

Athenian tetradrachm

Each year students complete 4 units. Usually a course running across both terms is  weighted at 1 unit and a course lasting a single term is weighted at 0.5 unit.

  • This means that a student may end up taking as many as 8 x 0.5 unit courses in an academic year.
  • When choosing courses, it is important to consider the term in which they are running, to get an even spread across the year if possible (ideally 2 units in Autumn Term, 2 units in Spring Term).

Compulsory courses

In the first year, all students must do at least 1 unit of either Latin or Ancient Greek. They must also take the compulsory core course (Approaches to the Ancient World @ 0.5 unit), a history course (at least 0.5 unit) and an archaeology course (at least 0.5 unit). In the second year, students must continue with at least 0.5 unit of the same ancient language studied in their first year. In the final year, students must take the Extended Essay (0.5 unit), which involves writing a 5,000 word essay based on a personal research project.

Optional courses

The rest of the units may be filled with a mixture of courses in Classical languages, literature and culture, archaeology and history from across the Ancient World syllabus.

Elective courses

Up to 1 unit in thr first year, and up to 1 unit across the second and final year maybe taken from courses outside the Ancient World syllabus: these can be distributed either as 0.5 unit in each of second and final year, as shown below, or as 1 unit in one of those years.


Year 1

Year 2

Final Year

0.5 {1 unit of Greek or Latin
0.5 of same language
Extended Essay
0.5 { .. .. .. ..
 <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5 Approaches to the Anc W
 <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5 1 History course
 <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5 1 Archaeology course
 <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5  <student choice>
 <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5*  <student choice>  <student choice>  <student choice>
0.5*  <student choice>  <student choice>  <student choice>

*Up to one elective in year 1 and a further one elective across years 2-3

  • Download the grid above and two sample AWS degrees here
  • See the official UCL programme specification here