Department of Greek & Latin

What alumni say ...

When alumni* come back we ask them to tell us what they think

new classics graduates

My Classics degrees have not only given me the specialist knowledge and research techniques to work as a researcher on ancient history broadcast projects. I also believe that the development of skills including discipline and organisation of resources used for translation and textual criticism has really helped me juggle and enjoy a 'portfolio career' that not only includes museum work, broadcast projects and teaching in the area of Classics, but also work in PR and Marketing and even as a freelance event floral designer! [LF, Broadcast media]

Studying for a Classics degree allowed  me great flexibility in choosing a career path. I constantly implement the same skills I acquired when working for my degree, such as logical and analytical skills into daily tasks at school. My Year 5 children are awestruck to know that their teacher knows 'dead' languages, and they love hearing the Greek myths at story time! [AC, teacher]

Hope I didn't disgrace myself too much. It's great to see what seems to be a thriving Department. I think Reception of Classics is a very worthwhile subject. But on the whole I think it's how you study something rather than what you study. [RM, lawyer]


*alumnus : from the Latin verb alo 'to nourish, rear, bring up'. From the same root as almus 'nourishing, kindly' (so alma mater, the College that raises the alumnus). Ending -mnus can be seen in the Greek passive participle -menos.