Department of Greek & Latin

Graduate Staff-student Committee

 Meetings in 2015-16

 Weds 9 Dec. 2015 (2:00 pm) : Mon. 14 March 2016 (1:00 pm)

  • The Committee is a forum for graduate students and departmental staff to discuss matters of concern to students in a structured environment.
  • Suggestions and comments from students are welcome: any student wishing to put an item on the agenda of the committee should contact the Graduate Tutor.
  • The Committee typically meets twice a year: towards the end of the first term and in the late spring or early summer. 

It is chaired by the Graduate Tutor: the Head of Department, the Programme Director of the MA in the Reception of the Classical World, and the Departmental Tutor are ex officio members. All PhD students are invited, as are representatives from each of the MA programmes (Classics, and the Reception of the Classical World). In practice any MA student who would like to attend is welcome to do so.

Draft minutes are circulated by email after each meeting, and after correction are sent to all staff and graduate students.
The minutes of previous meetings are kept by the Graduate Tutor: students are welcome to look at these at any time.

Student Academic Representatives

All postgraduate students are welcome at our staff-student committees. UCL also likes us to appoint official student representatives who undertake to attend both meetings each year and to represent the views of others who may not be able to attend.
We need

  • representatives from both of our MA programmes
  • PhD representatives

If you would like to be a Student Representative on this committee, please volunteer yourself to the Graduate Tutor or MA Tutor. For more information see the UCLU website

Terms of Reference of the Postgraduate Staff-Student Consultative Committee

1. To discuss follow-up action resulting from previous PG SSCC meetings, in particular any matter that was referred to the Departmental Staff meeting.
2. To receive and consider student comments on academic matters, including the research environment for postgraduate students, and teaching and learning in taught programmes; and on matters relating to student welfare.
3. To comment upon the departmental annual monitoring report relating to postgraduate programmes
4. To receive notification of any Departmental changes with respect to teaching, admissions, and assessment, and the support available for research students.
5. To comment upon any significant changes to Departmental policy which would have a direct consequence for teaching, admissions, and assessment, and the support available for research students.
6. To comment upon safety within the Department.
7. To comment upon physical resources within the Department and the College as these affect the postgraduate community: such as library and computer facilities, etc. 
8. To consider the minutes of the Undergraduate SSCC, and to make available the minutes of the Postgraduate Committee to its Undergraduate counterpart.