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Lyceum Classics Community Seminar (LCCS)

The Department of Greek and Latin has a weekly research seminar, the Lyceum Classics Community Seminar (LCCS), run by postgraduate students (both PhD and MA) for postgraduate students in UCL Department of Greek and Latin.

The primary aim of this series is to provide both a regular point of social contact among students in the Department and an ideal forum for them to present an overview or aspects of their work. These seminars are also intended to be a relaxed and supportive environment for junior researchers to practice public speaking and develop their communicational and presentational skills. 

The LCCS will be running throughout academic year 2013-14 (October to May). In Term 1 from October to December we will start our week by chatting about our research on Mondays at 1pm in Greek & Latin PG Common Room in Gordon House. Normally presentations will last 20-30 minutes followed by discussions of 15 minutes. To help us get through the busy Monday and the coming week, we offer free muffins and coffee/ tea to boost morale.

Attendance at the seminar counts for one extra point in UCL research log.

PROGRAMME (2013-14)

28/10 Trinidad Silva
From appearances to reality: Plato’s strategy for the appropriation of sophia.

04/11 Danae Baffa
Editing papyri, creating facts.

18/11 Nicholas Freer
Philodemus and the sphragis to Virgil’s Georgics.

25/11 Edwin Shaw
Argumentation and ambiguity in Sallust's Archaeologia (BC 6-13)

02/12 Alex Millington
"For Enyalios!" The persistently echoing war-cry of the Ten Thousand

09/12 Jakub Filonik
The real and posited ideals of Athenian democrats

Term 2

20/01 Emily Lord-Kambitsch (UCL G&L)
Creating cultures of emotionality through reception of the ancient world in Lew Wallace’s Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

27/01 Roel Konijnendijk (UCL History)
The Sudden Invention of Tactics?

03/02 Christine Plastow (UCL G&L)
Antigone’s cave: journeys in the female underworld in Greek imagination

10/02 Susan Fogarty (UCL G&L)
Neo-Natal Exposure in Egypt: A Papyrological Perspective

17/02 Mid-term break

03/03 Emma Cole (UCL G&L)
Post-traumatic stress disorder and the performance reception of Ajax

10/03 You-Shih Wang (UCL G&L)
On Gorgias’ Rhetoric

17/03 Kyriaki Ioannidou (UCL G&L)
PSI 1480: Lyric Poetry and Tragedy in Menander's Comedy

If you are interested in presenting your ideas in the coming Spring or Summer term, we would love to hear from you. For further information or to express your interest, please contact the current organisers:

Tzu-I Liao, email:
Trinidad Silva, email:

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