Department of Greek & Latin

Postgraduate Seminar

Lyceum Classics Community Seminar (LCCS)

The Department of Greek and Latin has a weekly research seminar, the Lyceum Classics Community Seminar (LCCS), run by postgraduate students (both PhD and MA) for postgraduate students in UCL Department of Greek and Latin.

The primary aim of this series is to provide both a regular point of social contact among students in the Department and an ideal forum for them to present an overview or aspects of their work. These seminars are also intended to be a relaxed and supportive environment for junior researchers to practice public speaking and develop their communicational and presentational skills. 

The LCCS will be running throughout academic year (October to May). Normally presentations will last 20-30 minutes followed by discussions of 15 minutes. To help us get through the busy Monday and the coming week, we offer free muffins and coffee/ tea to boost morale.

Venue: Gordon House G-09
Time: 12 noon
Attendance at the seminar counts for one extra point in UCL research log.

PROGRAMME (2015-16)

Term 1

12th October

Victoria McVicar
‘The reception of Ancient Greek Politeiai and Lawgivers in Montesquieu’s Esprit des Lois and Voltaire’s Essai sur les Moeurs’

19th October
Christine Plastow
‘The Rhetoric of Quotation and the Ideology of Homicide Law in Dem. 23’

26th October
Reading and Discussion Session

16th November
Angela Paschini
'The Problematization of the Myths of Sexual Intercourse between Gods and Mortals in Greek Tragedy'

23rd November
David Bullen
Actaeon's Dogs, Iphigenia's Sacrifice, and Alcmaeon's Desires: Mythic Paratexts to the Death of Pentheus

7th December
Oliver Schwazer
‘Intertextual considerations on Petronius’ Satyrica’

14th December
Theophano Charalambous
‘Some considerations on the language of Menander’

Abstracts will be circulated ahead of each paper. Staff members who would like to attend please contact the organiser ahead of time. If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to speak at a future seminar, please contact the organiser Christine Plastow