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Centre for the multi-disciplinary study of quotes

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Through quotation the words and ideas of others are woven into discourse.  The stylistic features mobilized to juxtapose differing modes of thought, cultures and historical points of view calibrate the tension in the discursive texture.  Through reported speech a balance between identification and distanciation is negotiated.  Here, the focal point for critical enquiry isn't culture or identity, but linguistic techniques for making connections.  Differing worlds are woven together through elaborate mechanisms of quotation.

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The configuration of expertise at UCL provides a unique opportunity for a multi-disciplinary debate on pre-modern, non-modern, and contemporary quotes.  The Quotation lab brings together scholars and their doctoral students from the Department of Greek and Latin, the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, the Department of Anthropology, the Department of English, the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, and the Department of History.

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For more information please contact

Alex Pillen (UCL Anthropology) or Stephen Colvin (UCL Greek & Latin)

Voicing | Revoicing

Rethinking categories of reported speech; transforming, reconfiguring and appropriating language; translation and hybridization; reusing and recreating linguistic forms; visual, graphic and oral quotation.