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Postgraduate Research

Current PhD students and research topics

  • Theophano Charalambous: studies in the language of Menander and Ptolemaic papyri
  • Vasileios Boutsis: Iphigeneia in Aulis
  • Joyce Datiles: Heroism on Screen
  • Beatrice Da Vela: Donatus’ Commentary on Terence’s Adelphoe
  • Joseph Dodd: The political impact of Orpheus in opera to 1800
  • Manuela Irarrazabal Elliott: Ancient anger as depicted in Greek tragedy
  • Rithu Fernando: the Mirror: a comparative literary, cultural and art-historical study
  • Jurgen Gatt: the creation of Greek technical language
  • Biagio Gatto: The Syntax of Priscian in the cultural context of fifth-century Constantinople
  • Alexandros Gkosevits: Tragic Thinking: Tragedy and the concept of the tragic in post-Kantian German philosophy
  • Kyriaki Ioannidou: A commentary on Menander's fragmentary plays Georgos, Heros and Theophoroumene
  • Trinidad Silva Irarrazaval: A revision of the categories of sophistes, sophos and philosophos as qualities of human rationality and as moral models of wisdom before and in Plato
  • Xi Ji: Death and the identity of the dying (with special reference to the philosophical ideas of Plato)
  • Henry Linscott: The oral origins of Greek Law
  • Wendy Little: Studies in Roman epic
  • Tzu-I Liao: Modern functional grammar and ancient rhetorical texts
  • Elizabeth McKnight: the rule of law in the late Roman republic and early empire
  • Victoria McVicar: Solon the lawgiver in ancient and early modern political thought
  • Maria Michalolia: New literary and documentary papyri from Oxyrhynchus
  • Federica Micucci: Studies in Roman and Byzantine papyri from Oxyrhynchus
  • Hamutal Minkowich: Between divination and philosophy: a post-Freudian perspective on Herodotean and biblical dreams
  • Annette Mitchell: Freud's ancient chronology
  • Giada Orlietti: an edition of selected literary and documentary papyri
  • Angela Paschini: The numinous in Greek tragedy: intertextual relations between Aeschylus and Euripides
  • Christine Plastow: The Rhetoric of Classical Athenian Homicide
  • Grace Root: Onomastic investigations into Greek tragedy
  • Naomi Scott: Beyond cross-dressing: masculinity and the πόλις in the plays of Aristophanes.
  • Oliver Schwazer: Studies in the Satyricon of Petronius
  • Belinda É. Samari : the Presocratics and early Greek conceptions of the self
  • Ben Temblett: Deleuze and Platonism
  • You-Shih Wang: Plato and the rhetoric of eros and the polis
  • James Watson: Euripides' narrative technique
  • Chris Webb: Artificial amnesia and memory management: λήθη in the Sophoclean πόλις
  • Bridget Wright: The treatment of Julius Caesar's memory in Rome, 14 - 98 AD