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Maria Wyke

Maria Wyke

Professor of Latin

email: m.wyke@ucl.ac.uk external telephone: 020 7679 7491 (internal: 27491)

Research interests: Latin literature (especially Roman love poetry); ancient gender and sexuality; Rome on film; classical reception studies (esp. classics and popular culture); ancient and modern civilisations.

Research supervision: I welcome phd students with interests in any of the above areas. Recent topics I have supervised include the divinity of Augustus in Roman poetry; translations of Ovid's Ars Amatoria in early modern England; Roman emotions and Ben-Hur in literature, on stage and on screen; Thermopylae in Hollywood cinema; the concept of the mirror in Graeco-Roman culture; the modern reception of the myth of Scylla. I regularly co-supervise with colleagues in other departments, such as Archaeology, Anthropology, English and Film Studies.

Teaching in 2018 to 2019: At undergraduate level, I am teaching Roman love poetry (which situates the poetic language of love in its specifically Roman historical context, and relates it to Roman attitudes to gender, sexuality, morality and politics). At MA level, I direct the core course for our degree in The Reception of the Classical World that considers the importance of Reception Studies for Classics, and investigates case studies of reception from within antiquity to the twenty-first century (from literature to political and intellectual thought, visual arts to museum exhibitions, theatre to film and television). I also teach an MA module on Ancient Rome on Film (from early experiments through to the modern blockbuster, we explore what distinguishes cinematic histories of Rome from other historical forms and why they matter). 

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