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Summer Schools


Classics Outreach Summer Schools

Summer School 1

'Life in the Ancient World'

Location: In Person and Online
Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th July 2022


Summer School 2

Location: In Person and Online
Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th July 2022


Location: Onsite and online (hybrid teaching). See course page for details. 
Monday 11 July to Fri 15 July 2022  

A five-day programme covering the major themes and thinkers of ancient philosophy. 

Location: Online
Tuesday 19th to Thursday 28 July 2022

An eight-day Summer School in Ancient Greek and Latin (at all levels), as well as Biblical Hebrew, New Testament/Koine Greek and Sanskrit. In addition to daily language classes, there will be lectures and workshops at the end of most days. The minimum age limit for attendees is 14 years.  

Location: Onsite and online (hybrid teaching)
London, UK: Mon 31 July to Fri 4 August 2023 AND/OR 
Chios, Greece: Mon 28 August to Fri 1 September 2023

A five-day Summer School in Homer for students who are interested in studying the Homeric epics. There will be lectures, seminars, workshops and events on a wide variety of Homeric topics with classicists, artists and other practitioners. The minimum age limit for attendees is 15 years. Please click on the headline to this box for further details.