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School Talks

We offer a wide range of free taster talks for schools, which can be in person or online, depending on the timing and location. Speakers will be happy to adapt talks to your needs.

Leptis Magna theatre

Our talks are fully accessible for those interested in the ancient world, and do not require any prior knowledge.

The talks are given by experts in the field from the Department of Greek & Latin.

Take a look at the list of talks and speakers below, and get in touch to request a talk:

Ancient philosophy

Talk titleSpeaker

Plato's expulsion of poets from the city

Dr. Peter Agócs

Body and soul in Aristotle’s ethics and biology

Dr Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi

Epicurus on why death is nothing to us Dr Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi
Plato’s Symposium: becoming good with the help of one’s friends Dr Elena Cagnoli Fiecconi

Greek literature and culture

Talk titleSpeaker
Greek tragedyDr. Peter Agócs
Greek lyricDr. Peter Agócs
Homer and popular mediaDr. Antony Makrinos
Introduction to HomerDr. Antony Makrinos
Homer in cinemaDr. Antony Makrinos
Heroism in HomerDr. Antony Makrinos
The gods in the Iliad and the OdysseyDr. Antony Makrinos
Modern reception of HomerDr. Antony Makrinos
Greek travel narrative and experiences of AsiaDr. Rosie Harman
Love and war: Paris in Troy (Iliad, Book 3)Prof. Phiroze Vasunia
Euripides, Bacchae: an interpretation

Prof. Phiroze Vasunia

Greek papyriDr Enrico Prodi
Heroes in Greek religion Dr Enrico Prodi
Women in Homer Dr Antony Makrinos
UCL's Classical Play Dr Giovanna Di Martino
Greek tragedy and its reception Dr Giovanna Di Martino
Transgender Antiquity Dr Mairéad McAuley

Latin literature and culture

Talk titleSpeaker
Roman dramaProfessor Gesine Manuwald
CiceroProfessor Gesine Manuwald
Latin literature in 17th-century EnglandDr. Victoria Moul
Late Roman republic Professor Gesine Manuwald
Roman epic Professor Gesine Manuwald
Neo-Latin literature Professor Gesine Manuwald
Transgender antiquity

Dr Mairéad McAuley

Achilles in Rome

Dr Mairéad McAuley

Motherhood in Roman literature

Dr Mairéad McAuley

Agrippina, mother of Nero

Dr Mairéad McAuley

Metamorphosis: Ovid and myth

Dr Mairéad McAuley

The Death of the young in Virgil's Aeneid Dr Fiachra Mac Góráin


Talk titleSpeaker
Where does the Roman alphabet come from?Prof. Stephen Colvin
English and Indo-European (or Latin and Indo-European)Prof. Stephen Colvin
The decipherment of Linear BProf. Stephen Colvin

Ancient Middle East

Talk titleSpeaker
Antolian hieroglyphs and their deciphermentDr. Mark Weeden
The Epic of Gilgamesh on life and deathDr. Mark Weeden
Hittites: Empire of mountainsDr. Mark Weeden

Classical Reception

Talk titleSpeaker
Manuscipts and the transmission of classical texts

Dr Enrico Prodi

Ancient Rome on Film Professor Maria Wyke