Department of Greek & Latin


Euroclassica Conference 2018

19 July 2018

London 24th- 25th August 2018 The annual conference of the federation of European associations of Classics teachers will take place in London at University College London.

Representatives of associations from all over Europe will be present.

The sessions on 24th August will be devoted to some questions of Classics teaching:

  • different methods of approaching language teaching
  • the role of non linguistic Classical Civilisation courses
  • primary Latin courses
  • reviving Classics in schools with no existing courses
  • democratizing Classics in the curriculum

The General Assembly will place on the morning of the 25th August.

There will be a visit to the British Museum included in the programme and other activities.

Further Information: John Bulwer (johnbulwer3@gmail.com)

Inscriptions: Christine Haller (christine_haller@hotmail.com)

Website: www.edugroup.at/praxis/portale/euroclassica