Department of Greek & Latin


Marigold Norbye

Lecturer (Teaching) in Medieval Latin and Latin Palaeography

Marigold Norbye

Email: m.norbye@ucl.ac.uk

Office hours: by appointment (please e-mail)

Research interests: medieval manuscripts; medieval chronicles; the history of history writing; medieval libraries; the transmission of ancient history

I was born and brought up in France, then studied Classics and Italian at Cambridge (Clare College). After a detour via the world of business, I returned gratefully to academe to do a Masters in Medieval Studies at UCL, followed by a PhD, where I worked on the manuscripts of a fifteenth-century French genealogical chronicle and how they were used. Since 2004, I have been lecturing in Manuscript Studies and Palaeography (the deciphering of ancient and medieval scripts) at UCL and for University of London palaeography courses. I am particularly interested in manuscript books and their readers, and on how history, including ancient history, was transmitted and interpreted over the centuries between Antiquity and Renaissance.


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