Department of Greek & Latin


2021: Odyssey Public Engagement Lecture Programme

Odyssey Classics Play Poster
6.30-7.30pm (GMT), Monday 8th February

Prof. Emily Wilson (University of Pennsylvania) – Translating The Odyssey. In Conversation with Emily Wilson. 


6.30-7.30pm (GMT), Tuesday 9th February

Dr. Antony Makrinos (University College London) – Visualising Odysseus and his journey: cinematic approaches to the Odyssey

https://www.ucl.ac.uk/event-ticketing/booking ev=20038                                                                                                  

6.30-7.30pm (GMT), Wednesday 10th February

Dr. Michael Loy (British School at Athens) – Home is where the hearth is. Odysseus and Mycenae


6.30-7.30pm (GMT), Thursday 11th February

Prof. Barbara Graziosi (Princeton) – Dead Men Talking


6.30-7.30pm (GMT), Friday 12th February

Prof. Fiona Macintosh (Oxford) and Dr. Justine McConnell (King’s College London) – Performing the Epic Now