Department of Greek & Latin


Calgacus Symposium 2020

To mark the septcentenary of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, recognising Scotland’s independence from England, Tom Mackenzie (UCL) and Edith Hall (KCL) are convening a one-day symposium, on Calgacus and his reception, at UCL (IAS Common Ground) on Burns Night 2020 (25th January). Papers include discussions of the presentation of Calgacus in commentaries across the centuries on Tacitus’ Agricola, translations of his speech, the way it has informed anti-imperial or nationalist rhetoric subsequently, antiquarian and archaeological studies of the Battle of Mons Graupius, the presentation of Calgacus in the visual arts, fiction, drama, film and documentaries, his role in the Ossianic movement and Celtic revival and the journal Calgacus published by radical Gaelic-speaking poets in the 1970s. For this event, we gratefully acknowledge the support of the A. G. Leventis foundation and UCL’s Institute of Advanced study.