UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering



CEGE accommodates the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities, and the Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory, two key UCL Engineering-led infrastructure initiatives.

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What is UKCRIC? 

UKCRIC, or the the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities, is an integrated research capability with a mission to underpin the renewal, sustainment and improvement of infrastructure and cities in the UK and elsewhere. UKCRIC represents the UK government’s – and research councils’ – support for research in infrastructure in and between cities. UKCRIC has enabled the creation of a set of new laboratories spread amongst 14 universities in the UK. These labs have been designed to allow innovative research to drive the investment of £600bn in UK infrastructure over the next 50 years. More information can be found at www.ukcric.com. 

What is PEARL?

PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory) is a unique facility which aims to explore the ways in which people interact with their environment. The facility will provide the wherewithal for researchers to engage with the public, to discover what activities people want or need to do, and explore the ways in which the environment helps or hinders them. 
From this knowledge they can then apply and test the ways in which environments are designed, enabling people to live a greater quality of life in the social space that is society. PEARL is currently under construction, and is expected to be completed in 2021.
UKCRIC is the basis for the UK Government’s investment in PEARL. PEARL is the UCL element of the UKCRIC facility. Visit the CEGE PEARL page for further information. 

What do we mean by infrastructure?

Infrastructure refers to the basic systems and services that a country needs in order to function properly, such as power, heating, waste management, digital services and clean water. We often take for granted these vital structures and facilities that are required for the smooth operation of society, but the truth is that many of the services we use today need vast improvement to meet our needs. Infrastructure is an open and complex system of systems with a huge remit, including the requirement to protect against hazards and minimise environmental harm.
Multidisciplinary approaches to tackling the challenge of sustaining fit-for-purpose infrastructure are vital to understanding and recommending sustainable innovation in infrastructure systems. These initiatives are designed to enable future transformative infrastructure research that investigates the interactions between infrastructure and people.

Visit the UKCRIC website