UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

Dr Michael McCarthy

Dr Michael McCarthy

Honorary Professor

Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng

Faculty of Engineering Science

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2016

Research summary


Dr Michael McCarthy is a highly experienced Dimensional Metrologist, providing exemplary engineering measurement solutions direct to industry.  He has extensive UK and International co-ordinate metrology standardisation and research experience, together with a Ph.D. in high-precision Optical Metrology from Cranfield (CIT). 

Michael is the UK’s principle member of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) TC/213 committee and active on working-groups for co-ordinate metrology, which includes dimensional measuring systems employing optical and X-ray related technologies.  He is an elected member of UK’s British Standards Institute (BSI) committee for Technical Product Realisation (TPR/4) and Chairman of the BSI’s XCT panel.

His distinguished career was initially focused around his ‘Principle Research Scientist’ post at NPL-Teddington (UK), where he worked originally in the field of environmental standards. However, for the past three decades Michael has headed-up the development of internationally respected and widely used non-contact dimensional metrology standards and associated instrumentation.

Between 2009-2016, he established the UK’s XCT dimensional performance verification facility in Teddington and the internationally valued National FreeForm Centre which supports the dimensional verification of laser scanning and fringe projection optical scanners. 

Examples of some of Michael’s engagements include: Airbus, Rolls Royce, UCL, Mitutoyo, Nikon, X-Tek, Renishaw, ISO.213/10360, BSI Optical/XCT, BMW, JLR, Leitz, NPL, BIS, Nissan, Honda, Central Scanning, EURAMET, EMPIR, European technical committee for length ~TC-L, BIPM, Hexagon, Ross Ceramics, GOM.GmbH, Steinbichler, Zeiss, Breuckmann, Aicon.3D, Delphi, Xaar, Depuy, Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, Mazak, Hitachi, Serco, Red Bull, Third Dimension, Faro, Natural History Museum, IOP, 3D-Scanners, Guys and BARTS hospitals. 20~Universities, All UK’s Catapults Centres, QMT, IEEE, TOSCA, DXCT, iCT, CMSC, LVMC/EPMC, EUSPEN, Lamdamap, ASPE, SPIE. 30~NMI’s including for example~ USA, Japan, China, Germany, Romania, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Russia, India, Croatia & all other European laboratories. Marie Curie INTERAQCT~ITN / at Leuven and Padova Universities and EPSRC’s SEAHA at the Bartlett.