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Restless Cities

Matthew Beaumont and Gregory Dart, eds., Restless Cities (London and New York: Verso, 2010)


photo: Matt Stuart


Archiving Michael Sheringham

Bombing Chris Petit

Commuting Rachel Bowlby

Convalescing Matthew Beaumont

Dreaming Gregory Dart

Driving Iain Borden

Falling Marshall Berman

Imaging Patrick Keiller

Inhabiting Geoff Dyer

Lodging Michael Newton

Phoning David Trotter

Potting Kasia Boddy

Recycling Esther Leslie

Sickening Iain Sinclair

Waiting Michael Sayeau

Zigzagging Mark W. Turner


For an abridged version of Geoff Dyer's chapter, 'Inhabiting,' see 'Breakfast at Delectica's', in the Guardian's G2 section from 7th June 2010.

For an interview with Rachel Bowlby about her chapter, 'Commuting,' listen again to Radio 4's Thinking Allowed from 9th June 2010.

For an audioboo featuring a passage from Patrick Keiller's chapter, 'Imaging,' click here.


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