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Please note that CISHE has been discontinued: these pages are left as a legacy record since we still get enquiries. CALT continues to run the seminar series Debates in Higher Education

Welcome to the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Higher Education.

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Higher Education provides a forum for academics from a wide range of disciplines to develop a better understanding of the purposes and practices of higher education institutions and their relationships with the wider community.

CISHE aims to provide a focus for teaching, research and debate that draws on a wide range of disciplinary approaches in the field of Higher Education. Higher Education, as a structured field of study, has its origins in American universities at the end of the 19th Century. The field has been characterised by contributions from applied psychology and, more lately, from wider educational perspectives incorporating the disciplines of sociology and philosophy. CISHE aims to extend the range of disciplines applied to the study of higher education and to create closer relationships between the educational, disciplinary, economic, social and material aspects of academic work.

In order to achieve these aims, CISHE is drawing together a programme of research, graduate courses and seminars. Membership is open to those interested in all departments at UCL and at other institutions. The CISHE Web Editor would be glad to hear of links which should be made to other relevant centres and sites.

The Centre was formally inaugurated by UCL's Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant, at its first public event, a Colloquium on the theme of 'Transitions' on 24-25 October 2003. Please view the Colloquium pages for details.

The Centre was established at UCL by our then-director Toni Griffiths and Stephen Rowland of the department of Education and Professional Development, now Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching. The Centre webpages are now run by Jason Davies: please contact him for information or with ideas.


Debates in Higher Education series

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