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The Circular Economy Lab is an exciting cross-faculty, cross-discipline initiative, aiming to use UCL's expertise to improve the design of buildings and products, their re-use and recycling, and the return of their constituent materials back to the economy.


"A circular economy keeps products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, at all times, eliminating the concept of waste, with materials ultimately re-entering the economy at end of use as defined, valuable technical or biological nutrients." Ellen Macarthur Foundation.
We are aiming to develop the scientific and socio-economic understanding and technological basis for design and implementation of systems, processes and policy that will support the transition to a Circular Economy.  With access to the full width and depth of UCL expertise, CircEL will be capable of tackling Circular Economy related problems of any size or stage of development.

Aluminium ladders


Further information on the founding directors, Stegemann, Croxford and Domenech, now joined by Borrion and affiliated academics including Blieschwitz and Miodownik can be found here.

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We have several current research projects affiliated to UCL CircEL, click here for details of these and some relevant past projects.

Close Loop Plastic Bales


Information on several programmes relevant to UCL CircEL and also some specific modules disseminating knowledge gained from various research projects can be found here.

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Activities and Events

Previous activities have included trips to Closed Loop Plastic Recycling, The Brighton Waste House, East London Biogas and more.

It is essential that CircEL research and technology development is driven by the needs of the industrial/business community.  We encourage the support of, and guidance by, compatible large companies and well-matched small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). If you are interested, would like further information or would like to arrange a meeting, please contact: Dr Aiduan Borrion, a.borrion@ucl.ac.uk, +44 (0) 207 679 7224

UCL is a member of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation's network and a profiled university

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