Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials


Associated PhDs

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Ali Al-Janabi 

Alperen Yayla

Associated PhD student working with Rupert Myers - Imperial College London

Alperen Yayla is a PhD candidate in Sustainable Materials Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London. His current research focuses on Bayesian Material Flow Analysis creating a digital twin of material cycles and aims to systemically quantify and analyse how resources are used in the macro economy, to discover production-usage patterns that ensure sufficient resources are available to meet the emerging demand in this low carbon future, and to identify opportunities for substitution, increased use of recycled products, and waste reduction. 

Daniel Owajinomida Anyanya

Associated PhD working with Paola Lettieri - University College London

Daniel is a PhD candidate in the Chemical Engineering Department at UCL. Under the supervision of Paola Lettieri and Andrea Paulilo and in partnership with MACE, he researches Life Cycle Assessment to inform decision making in the construction sector with the aim of reducing its environmental impacts. His research aims to case-study the Marshgate building (under construction) at UCL East, UCL’s new campus in Stratford.

Daniel also holds a MSc in Engineering for International Development from UCL and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Swansea University. For his MSc dissertation, he produced an LCA study proposing more sustainable approaches for cotton garment production in India

Shaolei Bai

Danting Chen

Associated PhD working with Julia Stegeman - University College London

Danting Chen graduated with BSc in Environmental Engineering (2017) from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology in China. She went on to complete an MSc soon after from the University of Bristol (2018) in Water and Environmental Management. After half a year working in an environmental consultancy company, she started her doctoral studies in September 2019 at University College London and is currently working on the third year of her doctoral study in Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering.

Danting is investigating the metal speciation (i.e., Zn and Cu) change in co-processing of industrial wastes (i.e., air pollution control residues, metal finishing filter cake and Pb/Zn smelter slag) in cement kiln by using X-ray absorption spectroscopy.

Shan Gao

Associated PhD working with Jacqui Glass - University College London

Shan graduated with BSc in Construction Management from Shandong Agricultural University in China (2018) and completed MSc in Project and Enterprise Management from the University College London (2019). She starts her doctoral studies in September 2022 at University College London's Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, under the supervision of Professor Jacqui Glass and Dr Jean Xu.

She is interested in the circular economy as a business model in the construction industry. Her current research focuses on building the conceptual framework for the reverse recycling process for construction and demolition waste (CDW) from a supply chain perspective and through network theory analysis in order to reduce CDW landfilling and generate more value from CDW, as well as analysing the collaboration management between the key stakeholders to promote the establishment and implementation of CDW reverse supply chain.

Francesca Glanville-Wallis 

Seong Hwang

Mohammed Jada

Aditaya Ladhani

Piotr-Robert Lazik

Matthew O'Leary 

Prantar Mahanta Tamuli

Associated PhD working with Brenda Parker - University College London

Prantar Mahanta Tamuli is an interdisciplinary researcher with a BArch degree in Architecture (VNIT Nagpur, India) and an MSc degree in Bio-Integrated Design (UCL). He is currently an EPSRC-DTP PhD candidate at the Department of Biochemical Engineering, UCL, under the supervision of Dr. Brenda Parker and Professor Marcos Cruz.

His ongoing research focuses on the development of an engineered living material (ELM) harnessing the biomineralisation capacity of photosynthetic cyanobacteria. The biomineralised ELM presents a potential alternative towards biologically mineralised carbon negative construction. His work has been awarded the prestigious Manton Prize by the British Psychological Society in 2021.

Donald Nwonu

Menghua Yang

Chi Zhang