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Tracimat: A C&DW management organisation in Europe (1 November 2023)

Tracimat, a non-profit organisation recognized by the Flemish Ministry of Environment, became operational in 2018. Join the webinar and learn how this organisation contributes to the realization of the circular construction economy, enhances recycling of building materials and gets inspired by this initiative.

Our guest speaker Liesbet, is an MSc Bio-engineer in land and forest management from the University of Ghent (Belgium). She gained experience in the USA and Europe as a consultant in soil and groundwater remediation and environmental due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Since 2005 she’s been an advisor for the Flemish Construction Confederation on technical environmental issues. Until April 2020 she was responsible for quality management at Grondbank, an excavated soil management organization on which the traceability system Tracimat is based. She was the operational director of Immoterae, an organisation that was founded to valorise the know-how of Grondbank, assessing environmental risks and costs for construction projects. She has been working at Tracimat, a demolition waste management organization, since its startup in April 2014, providing more than 15 years of experience in construction and demolition waste and project management. As director of Tracimat, she’s also overseeing the development of the company.

Watch the webinar here

Overview of construction sector CE roadmaps (27 September 2023)

Dr. Halid Abu-Bakr from the NICER Programme CE-Hub gives us an overview of his road mapping framework and an overview of construction sector roadmaps.

Watch the webinar here

A practical overview of macroeconomic approaches to circular economy using IO and CGE analysis (4 July 2023)

By Dr. Matthew Winning from UCL

In this webinar, Matt tells us why analysing circular interventions and policies is important to establish potential future outcomes. The linkage between physical and monetary flows and the implementation of policies are often attempted to be captured using top-down economic modelling tools such as Input-Output (IO) and Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modelling approaches. These can be extended to capture a better representation of circular options. Matthew will provide an introduction to these approaches and present some analysis undertaken at UCL on the steel industry. 

Watch the webinar here

3D Concrete printing (6 June 2023)

By Prof. Richard Buswell from Loughborough University

 Richard tells us how 3D concrete printing (3DCP) is rapidly establishing itself as a significant new and modern method of construction worldwide, with the potential to make a significant impact on productivity and net zero.

Watch the webinar here

CE standards (16 May 2023)

By Gilli Hobbs from Reusefully

Gilli's presentation focuses on the development of standards that support the transition from a linear to a circular economy in the construction sector. Many of the current standards are tethered to a single asset life cycle which can be counter to resource optimisation over multiple product, building and/or infrastructure use cycles. There are also many other priorities for standardisation in this field which are beginning to be addressed through the European and International standards committees relating to ‘Circular Economy in Construction’ and ‘Circular Economy’ respectively.

Watch the webinar here

Waste no more: Reuse of structural components (21 March 2023)

By Prof. Corentin Fivet from EPFL Structural Xploration lab

Prof. Corentin Fivet, head of Structural Exploration Lab at EPFL Switzerland delivers an excellent comprehensive presentation on the reuse of structural construction components including some real world examples and how these were achieved. 

Watch the webinar here

Transformation of London clay into construction resources (11 Oct 2022)

By Athina Papakosta from HS2 London Tunnels and Fragkoulis Kanavaris from Arup

This brief lunchtime seminar, hosted by ICEC-MCM (Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Minerals), focused on the Repurposed Excavated Arising Loop (REAL) project . This feasibility study examines whether London Clay can be processed into construction materials, particularly focusing on calcined clay to act as cement replacement in concrete. The session ran through the resource efficiency, waste management, decarbonisation & overall sustainability challenge in the construction industry, the REAL project is seeking to address. Results of the testing of the London Clay raw material for its suitability to produce supplementary cementitious material (SCM) & Light Weight Aggregates (LWA) therefrom, as well as progress on concrete mix designs containing the calcined London Clay cement replacement were presented and discussed.

Watch the webinar here

Introduction of reused materials into the Entopia Building (20 September 2022)

By Peter Kelly from ISG

This brief lunchtime seminar, hosted by ICEC-MCM (Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Minerals), will focus on The Entopia Building, which is the new headquarters of the Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership. Refurbished from an existing office space, challenging targets were set around sustainability and the adoption of circular principles was a key goal of the project. ISG therefore introduced the first known instance of LED lighting taken from one building and reused at another, secondary steel used for the PV canopy and a beautiful reception desk salvaged from a refurbishment in central London. In this presentation, Peter outlines the challenges of getting these materials reused, installed, share success stories and lessons learned.

Watch the webinar here

How to measure Biodiversity Net Gain in the Built Environment (14 June 2022)

By Julia Baker from Wood Environmental

This brief lunchtime seminar, hosted by ICEC-MCM (Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Minerals), covered the concept of Biodiversity Net Gain and how it is applied in practice to developments. It touched on the Biodiversity Metric and the advantages of a habitat-based metrics, as well as the limitations and how these can be overcome with case studies and lessons learnt from industry.

Watch the webinar here

How CO2 mineralisation is driving the future of cement (17 March 2022)

By Dr Maciej Zajac from Heidelberg Cement

This brief lunchtime seminar, the Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Minerals invited Dr Maciej Zajac from Heidelberg Cement to present a new approach to capture CO₂ and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions associated with cement production. This new carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) approach introduces a novel approach to CO₂ mineralisation of cement paste from recycled concrete. The feasibility of the process has been demonstrated at an industrial scale and, following further investigations into optimum carbon conditions and performance in novel composite cements, may be a game changer for industrial cement.

Watch the webinar here

Cradle to Cradle®: Prioritising circular product design (17 Feb 2022)

By Chaline Church and Paul Capel from 540World

Chaline and Paul go through the principles and framework of cradle to cradle, the global certification and what they consider to be the gold standard for safe and circular product design. 

Watch the webinar here

The Structural Engineer's Decarbonising Journey (14 Dec 2021)

By Dr Wendel Sebastian from UCL

Dr. Wendel talks about the role of a structural engineer in decarbonisation and translating that understanding into design guidance for practitioners.

Watch the webinar here

ICEC-MCM National Launch event (26 May 2021)

The ICEC-MCM launch event includes presentations from a range of experts in academia, government and industry, who discuss the road to a circular economy in the construction sector.

For this event, we have invited a range of experts from academia, policy and industry to discuss the road to a circular economy in the construction sector. Speakers will offer key insights on the opportunities for transformation.

Welcome and Introduction, Prof Julia Stegemann, UCL, Director of the ICEC-MCM Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Considering the options for sustainable use of construction minerals, Prof Phil Purnell, University of Leeds

Watch the webinar here


Digital Enablers for a Circular Economy

ICEC-MCM and Loughborough University hosted a half day workshop on Digital Enablers for a Circular Economy on 28 June 2023 which included 3 keynote presentations and a workshop on identifying barriers and enablers for digitisation in the built environment.

Read more about the workshop here

Centre Meetings

NICER CE Hub showcase (24 May 2023)

The ICEC-MCM centre meeting held in the afternoon of May 24, 2023 at the University of Birmingham as part of the wider NICER CE Hub showcase event. The ICEC-MCM session included an update from the centre researchers on their projects and a keynote address by Andrea Charlson from Expedition on the sustainability trade-offs between concrete and steel. 

The ICEC-MCM is funded through the NICER Programme which is the largest UKRI investment focussing on Circular Economy (CE) to date.

Watch part 1 of the showcase here

Watch part 2 of the showcase here


Read through our collection of research pieces and our latest developments at the centre and the school.

Research Projects

Will seashells and eggshells change the game in sustainable infrastructure?

By Dr Ana Heitor

Dr Ana Heitor’s research project into alternate sources of calcium for the production of lime could be a game changer.

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Thought leadership

Inside the Environment Agency (1 July 2022)

By Dr Feja Lesniewska

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Adding value to construction and demolition waste to achieve sustainable development (3 February 2022)

By Dr Feja Lesniewska

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ICEC-MCM Contributes to POST briefing on "Reducing the whole life carbon impact of buildings" (16 November 2021)

Researchers and industry stakeholders from the ICEC-MCM contributed to the recent POST briefing with in-depth knowledge and peer-reviewed resources.

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The ICEC-MCM is empowering future sustainability leaders (26 September 2023)

This summer, a research fellow of the Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Mineral-based Construction Materials (ICEC-MCM), Irene Josa, collaborated with the In2ScienceUK programme to provide a unique learning opportunity. Two sixth form students from diverse backgrounds joined the ICEC-MCM team to gain hands-on experience in the world of sustainable infrastructure.

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